Hello Mozillians,

This post is about a workshop  “India Uses Nightly Campaign” which were held in Truba Campus Bhopal for every student who was interested in  knowing what is Mozilla nightly on 12th  June 2017.

The Event was Organized by Mozilla Campus Club Truba and we (Raj Nilayam and Me) made student aware of nightly built and its functions.

The agenda of the event included:-

  • Introduction to Mozilla
  • Introduction to Firefox Nightly
  • Release cycle details
  • Why we need Firefox Nightly users?
  • Showing various stats regarding Firefox
  • Installing Nightly on participant’s PC
  • Web Compatible on Firefox Nightly
  • How they can contribute in Firefox Nightly (QA and Promotion)

So firstly the session was started by Kuldeep Varma , he introduced Raj Nilayam (Mozilla Representative) and guest speaker of Firefox Nightly session and he introduced me (Mukesh Pathak Mike) as club member of Mozilla club Bsss and also he introduced Rishabh Chandrayan Club Caption Mozilla Club Truba And later to continue the session he invited Raj Nilayam to host the session.


the session was started with the introduction of Mozilla after that Raj Nilayam asked some interesting questions and the students who answered them correctly got mementos “swags”. Every single student including club members seems interested in the session and everybody took part enthusiastically in the session.

When the mic was handed to me I gave and introduction of Mozilla’s Virtual Reality development.As some students were confused we(Raj Nilayam and Me) solved their doubts and made other students to ask their queries and we made them comfortable.

Then Raj Nilayam told Release cycle details to Firefox Nightly continuing the session he told about why we need firefox nightly and showing various stats regarding firefox nightly and then installing firefox nightly on all participant PC.

In the last of session we have asked some questions about Mozilla and Firefox Nightly to the students. Students have given answers and they distributed the swags to student’s participants. Students have enjoyed the session a lot and we have taken some photos. They had given feedback that the session was useful and we hope that more sessions like this will be conducted in future.

All Pictures Link:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/146994184@N04/sets/72157682732637721

Event Link :- https://reps.mozilla.org/e/firefox-nightly-madhya-pradesh/