Hello Mozillians,

This Blog Post is about my Co-Facilitator experience recent event MozActivate WEbVR 20th and 21st July 2017 at CSIT Durg Chhattisgarh. It was the first time Mozilla is organizing an event in Chhattisgarh. A perplexing event (workshop) was conducted by the Mozilla Campus Club CSIT Durg. on 20th and 21st July 2017.We reached the campus CSIT Durg Chhattisgarh at 11:00 AM and the venue was provided with projector and internet connection.

  • Introduction to Mozilla and its mission.
  • Contribution Aera.
  • About VR, WebVR, and A-Frame.
  • Demo of basic A-Frame scenes.
  • Basic Concepts of A-Frame.
  • Session on Git and Github.
  • A-Frame concepts and implementations.
  • To let students build basic VR-frames etc.
  • Propose your idea for Frame you imagine.

On the first day, the session was set forth by the Club captain, Rushita A. Sawatkar. She had introduced Mr. Kushagra Varade, Representatives of Mozilla as well as the guest speaker of Web-VR Session and Me as a Mozilla Member. The chief members present there from host college were, Mr.Prashant Richhariya, (Regional Coordinator of Mozilla), C.G.; Mr. Mangal Singh, Mr. Rajeev Nair, and Mr. C.S Sharma. In the series to commence the event, all the dignitaries were called upon to light up the lamp.

Thereafter a small speech was given by C.S. Sharma sir, to encourage the students. Later on, Mr. Kushagra Varade was invited to host the session.

Kushagra sir started the session with a brief introduction to Mozilla as an Open Source Community founded in 2001. He had mentioned that Mozilla gives the opportunity to thousands of volunteers to develop their skills. He explained how one can contribute to Mozilla and the different areas for contribution, like coding, helping, advocacy, privacy, and testing.
He told the benefits of Mozilla Firefox browser over other browsers.He further told that Mozilla is working on various new projects, and had developed the number of new technologies like parallel programming, Bugzilla, SuMo etc. Mozilla collocates Mozilla Festival every year. It’s active working projects are Firefox Nightly, WebVR, RUST etc.

Next, he continued by telling the basic structures for Web-VR. He started with WebVR and he told basic structure in HTML continuing the session he told about VR, webvr, and A-Frame.

In a series, he had proceeded by practically showing the demonstrations for making VR-Frames, by making objects like boxes, cylinders, spheres etc. This had filled the students with great curiosity and zest. While working on VR frames the students came up with some of the doubts, and all those doubts were instantly cleared by both Kushagra sir and me.

Then in the Q-A Session, students asked few questions; and the answers were provided to them with Mozilla Swags. Each student had put up his or her written feedback on our feedback wall. At the end, VR device was shown to students to experience the Virtual Reality. Hence the first day came to an end.

Day 2

On the second day (21st July 2017) of the event, there was a competition among students, to make a VR-Frame of their own imagination. Students showed great interest in it. A time duration of 3 hours was allotted to them to choke out their ideas and to create VR-frames.

In between the time frame, some of the students had doubts, which were cleared by Kushagra sir and me. We both helped the students a lot in making good VR-frame. Students and the whole club members also had a great gratitude towards them.

In the last of competition, the students came up with the number of frames which were highly appreciated by all and they distributed the swags to student’s participants. Then Kushagra sir explained about GitHub technology and others. Students have enjoyed the session a lot and we have taken some photos. They had given feedback that the session was useful and we hope that more sessions like this will be conducted in future


Inauguration of Mozilla Campus Club CSIT

As it was the first ever club of Mozilla in all over Chhattisgarh, the club named Mozzaire as Mozilla Campus CSIT Durg, by a cake cutting ceremony. During the ceremony, all the members of the club were present there including club Captain Rushita.

Kushagra Varade Sir Had initiated the ceremony and the gathering were well cherished and enjoyed by all. Then at the end of the whole session mementos were presented to Kushagra Varade Sir And Me by the club members. After that group photos were captured. It was the really awesome event.


All Pictures Link:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/146994184@N04/albums/72157684377475680

Event Link:-  https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozactivate-cg/