Blog By: Mukesh Pathak Mike | Content writing: Avinash Kour


“Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.”

From the above proverb, friends are the gems who will never ever leave you alone in any circumstance even if the whole world is acting against you. Those who do not have a faithful friend to share with, we probably will be lacking on one of the most pleasurable experiences of life. We all need a friend with whom we can share our happiness, sadness and other important events of life. For flourishing survival of everyone, it is very necessary to interact with each other. Sharing your insecurities with your friends gives a mental peace to one’s life and also a sense of keeping protected.

So as we know friendship day is running on these days, many says we don’t need a particular day to celebrate our friendship but then also we usually celebrate it as to add on memories. The day has been celebrated in several southern South American countries for many years, particularly in Paraguay, where the first World Friendship Day – International Friendship Day was proposed in 1958.
Who are friends? We cannot define them or explain them but they are the most important character which plays a vital role in everyone’s life. From the childhood, friends are the personality which creates a strong bond that moulds us in the way they are. As we grow up no matters how far we are living from each other, there ought to be bond connecting them and some are the luckiest who get their childhood friends as old age friends too.
Initially we celebrate this day with wrist bands and sharing cards to show our love and care but now the internet is the huge element to celebrate this day. As we know digital life reduces the distance taking advantages celebrate the day with every friend sitting in any corner of the world.

#MozMPCG Community Wish you Happy Friendship Day